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by Hannah

What a delight! I have been looking at this every time I hit the comics store and finally grabbed it. I love Blacksad. Great art, great characters and great stories. I love the concept of animal like people. The old time noir feel to it is a plus.

Best graphic novel ever? Believe it!

by Natekwon

Best graphic novel ever? Believe it! This book is amazing! Still skeptical about buying a graphic novel with walking, talking animals? I assure you these anglomor... aggromo... talking animals add to and does not take away from the enjoyment of this book. OMG, the art is amazing. I would buy this book for the art alone. There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said before. Just buy it dammit!

Really nice book with great story

by Jane Chen

Really nice book with great story!!!!! The characters are so well drawn and the both fit perfectly to the animal figure!!!!!